Jason Lescalleet to Perform at Emma Bistro

Jason Lescalleet

FMRL proudly presents its first in an ongoing program of experimental music and art events at Emma Bistro, a concert performance and video screening by Jason Lescalleet, one of the pre-eminent sound artists working in the medium of analog tape.

The show will begin with a screening of Lescalleet’s audio-visual album “Trophy Tape,” which pairs videos with the music from the first disc of “Songs About Nothing,” his critically-acclaimed sonic tribute to Big Black’s “Songs About Fucking.” Lescalleet curated and directed the video which consists of commissioned work by Aaron Dilloway, Ellen Frances, Annie Feldmeier Adams, Justin Meyers, Antony Milton, C. Spencer Yeh, Olivia Block, Adel Souto, Neil Young Cloaca, Todd Deal, Jubal Brown, Heidi Alasuvanto, and Robert Beatty.

After a brief intermission, Lescalleet will perform a live set utilizing two reel-to-reel tape recorders and a laptop computer.

This show should be uniquely valuable for local artists who have an interest in post-Cagean ideas and in using their ears as sense organs to perceive abstract art. It is also a great show for the person with even a casual engagement in that which is interesting.

The show takes place at Emma Bistro, 9 Lea Avenue on July 18th. Doors are 8 pm. Showtime is 9 pm. You can purchase tickets at the FMRL Events Page. FMRL events are sponsored by Emma and Yazoo Brewing Company.

Ben Ratliff’s glowing NY Times review of “Songs About Nothing”

A video trailer for the “Trophy Tape” video

Video commission by C. Spencer Yeh, who currently has artwork up in MOMA

Trophy Tape Review from Tiny Mix Tapes

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