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Sunday, March 18th, 2018 at 7:00pm
Fond Object1313 McGavock Pike
Nashville, TN 37216
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::Josephine Foster & Victor Herrero (Fort Collins; Spain)
Two of the greatest musicians living on this planet, but possibly from another.

::Rob Magill
Composer, multi-instrumentalist, poet, painter and label-owner residing in Southern California with nearly 50 albums in the works.
"Love creates its physical shape."

::Cherry Blossoms

7 pm doors; 7:30 pm music

$10-$15 sliding scale admission
Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 at 7:00pm
Fond Object Records - 4th Ave535 4th Ave South
Nashville, TN 37210
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::Virtual Balboa is Zach Darrup (guitar), Evan Lipson (upright bass), and Ben Bennett (drums and percussion).

Zach Darrup is an improvising guitarist currently living in Philadelphia. During his early teenage years in the rural coal region of Pennsylvania a strange boy appeared like an angel, carrying a large cd booklet of wild musics of all sorts. This chance meeting at a pizza shop, plus tumultuous relationships with his home turf, school teachers, and other agents of law and rule enforcement led Zach to drop out and skip town, devoting himself to following music wherever it would take him--somewhere else. His techniques are informed by the musical possibilities of film language, jovial mockery and mimicry of plants, animals, and audience members, thoughtful room listening, word play, colors, and culinary experiments.

Evan Lipson (b. 1981) has operated as a musician since adolescence—intuitively seeking the liminal realms in which intellect and instinct, history and myth, and creative and destructive force intersect. Drawn towards aberrant perspectives at an early age, his formative experiences were primarily rooted in extreme and often discordant forms of rock, metal, free improvisation, modernist composition, jazz, oddball pop, soundtracks, noise, and electronic music. Massimo Ricci, of Touching Extremes writes, "Lipson easily stands among the best bassists I've heard lately, his terrifically strapping tone epitomizing the decision to really learn how an instrument works." Lipson most frequently tours with Roughhousing (including Zach Darrup and Jack Wright). He is also active with Who's Your Daddy? featuring dancer Cilla Vee/Claire Elizabeth Barratt and guitarist Davey Williams. Lipson has composed music for several films, as well as a recent collaboration with Duplex Planet-creator David Greenberger, Tyson Rogers, and Bob Stagner of the Shaking Ray Levis. He also may or may not have some degree of affiliation with an organization known as MEINSCHAFT.

Ben Bennett has developed a unique approach to percussion which takes the lineage of free-jazz, free-improvisation, reductionism, and extended technique playing as its foundation. In searching for an expanded sonic palette, and more fluid movement between various techniques, he distilled the drumset into a small collection of drumheads, stretched membranes, and other objects which offered a wide variety of unconventional sounds from very few materials, which could be rearranged into different combinations during a performance. This aesthetic development also translates into a practical advantage, as this setup can fit into a backpack, allowing for unencumbered traveling, which Bennett has been doing actively for the past 12 years, touring North America and Europe as a soloist, and with a number of collaborators, who include Michael Foster, Jack Wright, Evan Lipson, Jacob Wick, Tashi Dorji, Leila Bordeuil, Travis Laplante, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Zach Darrup, Brandon Lopez, Nate Wooley, Aaron Zarzutski, and Arrington DeDionysio.

::Frank Meadows (NYC)
Composer and improviser on upright bass.

::Eve Maret (Nashville)
shimmering electronic vocal music

::Abstract Black (Nashville)

7 pm doors; 7:30 pm music
$10-$15 sliding scale admission
Sunday, April 1st, 2018 at 9:00pm
Betty's Grill407 49th Ave N
Nashville, TN 37209-3442
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::Participatory Music Coalition (Chicago)
​"The Participatory Music Coalition began as the sonic subcommittee of the MB Collective, a theater, performance, visual and community collective of artists integrating diverse performative traditions, especially with respect to the South Side Community Art Center and its founder, the great spirit Margaret Burroughs. Musicians of the MB collective began participating in the weekly "Sonic Healing Ministries Free Jazz Sessions" organized and headed by composer/instrumentalist and educator David Boykin. Finding fulfillment and growth through these sessions members began to meet in each others homes to experiment, compose, and practice new music.

Recognizing the spiritual importance of Black American Classical Music, Participatory Music Coalition maintains improvisation as the very core of our creative endeavors because improvisation is the doorway to the spirit-domain, and sound is the primordial vessel of healing to the world.

Our performances proceed through journeys of sound, text, movement, poetry, song, moving images, and cuisine.Both free and planned improvisational offerings will leave plenty of space for guests to contribute and share.We encourage participation by all! By thought, word, deed, and sound, we invite you to celebrate with us the divine unity of all the cosmos that music represents. We welcome your sound, your spirit, your voice and your heartbeat!"

::Drunk Doctor
Musical malpractice.

::Freedom Coalition
Ben Rice (gtr) and Anson Hohne (dr) spontaneous music duo.

9 pm doors; 9:30 music
$10-$15 sliding scale admission
Monday, April 2nd, 2018 at 8:30pm
Bastion Nashville434 Houston St
Nashville, TN 37203
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::Gyan Riley (NYC)
"Gyan Riley won his first guitar in a raffle when he was 12 years old. Shortly after learning all of the songs in his cassette collection by ear, he became the first full-scholarship graduate guitar student at the San Francisco Conservatory. Gyan's diverse work now focuses on his own compositions, improvisation, and contemporary classical repertoire. Gyan has been commissioned by the Kronos Quartet, New Music USA, the Carnegie Hall Corporation, the American Composers Forum, and the New York Guitar Festival. He has performed with Zakir Hussain, Lou Reed, John Zorn, the Kronos Quartet, Iva Bittova, the Bang-On-A-Can All-Stars, the San Francisco Symphony, the Philadelphia Chamber Orchestra, and his father, the composer/pianist/vocalist Terry Riley. Various tours have taken him throughout Europe, Canada, Latin America and the US, both as a soloist and in various ensembles. Gyan resides in New York City and frequently performs with the duo Probosci, the trio Eviyan, and the electric guitar quartet Dither. Gyan has four solo CD titles and many ensemble/collaborative recordings, most recently working with the Tzadik Records label in New York."

::Wu Fei
"Wu Fei is a native of Beijing and a current Nashville resident. She is a classically trained composer, master of the guzheng — the 21-string Chinese zither, and a vocalist. She plays in the guzheng's vernacular — a musical language which is at least 2,000 years old, and mixes Western classical and Chinese traditions with a contemporary, idiosyncratic sound. Her early music education was at the China Conservatory of Music, but did her Master's at Mills College and laster immersed herself in the New York downtown improvisation scene at venues like The Stone, where Fei has frequently performed and curated.

Wu Fei composes for choir, string quartet, chamber ensemble, Balinese gamelan, and orchestra; her commissions range from a composition for Percussions Claviers de Lyon that premiered in the Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing to live performances in Paris and Tokyo for luxury brand Hermès.

Currently, Wu Fei is the composer-in-residence for Chatterbird Ensemble. She has also been commissioned by Intersection Ensemble and individual soloists globally.

In addition to her own original compositions, Fei has collaborated with many artists of different disciplines and genres ranging, from Béla Fleck, Abigail Washburn, Billy Martin (Medeski-Martin-Wood) to avant garde composers John Zorn and Fred Frith. She has taken her guzheng and music around the world and touring highlights include composition premiere at the Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing, the MoMA in New York City, North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands, Vossa Jazz in Norway, Europalia Festival in Belgium, and the Big Ears Festival in Tennessee.

Wu Fei has released two solo records and one duo record with classical guitarist Gyan Riley. Each record exhibits both her unique solo improvisational vocabulary and her craft of composing for chamber orchestras. "Wu's work evinces respect for tradition, an interest in what instruments can do, a strong sense of architecture, and good old fashioned showmanship. " Allmusic.com reviews Wu Fei's chamber work album YUAN released on Tzadik Records."

8:30 pm doors; 9 pm music
$10-$15 sliding scale admission
Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018 at 7:00pm
Fond Object Records - 4th Ave535 4th Ave South
Nashville, TN 37210
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"With an approach based in free jazz, GRID takes the plunge into darker, heavier, and more psychedelic realms of improvised music. The new trio, featuring Matt Nelson (Battle Trance) on saxophone, Tim Dahl (Child Abuse) on bass, and Nick Podgurski (New Firmament;Feast of the Epiphany) on drums, harnesses the clamorous spirit of fee jazz while venturing beyond its acousitc borders through the implementation of electronic processing and dirge-like tempos akin to Doom and Sludge. Noisey calls GRID “a three-way chat. It’s a conversation between musicians with differing musical opinions, but their debut album has become a shared dialogue that is as fluid as it is improvised”.

Matt Nelson:
Brooklyn-based saxophonist Matt Nelson defies categorization in his frequent solo work and involvement with bands and projects across the musical spectrum. Employing an array of traditional and extended techniques and a frequent use of electronics and feedback has allowed him to expand on his jazz background and forge a unique musical identity that is ever-present but adaptable to a wide range of music. Speaking to this is his work with Battle Trance, tUnE-yArDs, Elder Ones, Premature Burial, and GRID. An active member of the New York experimental music scene, he is often involved in a large number of other projects as well. Recent collaborators include Ava Mendoza, Weasel Walter, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Peter Evans, Louise Jensen, and many others.

Tim Dahl:
Tim Dahl is a professional electric and double bass player, vocalist, keyboardist, and composer living in New York City since 1998. He is best known as the bass player and co-composer of the noise-rock band Child Abuse and Lydia Lunch’s Retrovirus. He has toured extensively throughout North America, Europe and Japan with both groups. Tim has also performed with many notable musicians, composers and performers including Yusef Lateef, Archie Shepp, Eugene Chadbourne, John Zorn, Tatsuya Yoshida, Von Freeman, Stanley Jordan, Mary Halvorson, Malcolm Mooney, Marc Ribot, Brian Chase, Hamid Drake, Elliot Sharp, Weasel Walter, Marni Nixon etc. Tim is currently living in Brooklyn and is an active member in the music scene there.

Nick Podgurksi:
Nick Podgurski maintains New Firmament; an umbrella institute for programming, composition, listening, writing, and recording (among other practices). His musical work is manifest over dozens of recordings (and innumerable performances) in varying capacities with: Feast of the Epiphany, New Firmament, Extra Life, Yukon. Collaborators include: STATS, Geryon, Castevet, Sabbath Assembly, Andrew Smiley/Matt Kanelos. He performs here as drummer alongside Matt Nelson (saxophone) and Tim Dahl (bass)."

::Holy Mountain Top Removers

::Depths & Chained
Ritual drone by Andrew Hock and Dylan Simon

::Jeremiah Carter
Special acoustic performance.

7:30 pm doors; 8 pm music
$10-$15 sliding scale admission


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