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Sunday, November 19th, 2017 at 8:00pm
Betty's Grill407 49th Ave N
Nashville, TN 37209
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Bands will perform in the following order:

8 pm ::The Limitations
Rob Stanley's group The Limitations is one of Nashville's best kept secrets that never has been secret. If Bruce Springsteen were truly inspired by Leo Kottke and Peter Lang, he might write songs like Rob's, anthemic, no-frills, working class story songs which incorporate great flatpicking runs, deep ensemble playing and sweet vocal harmonies.

9:15 pm::The Altered Statesman
Steve Poulton's mercurial soul outfit The Altered Statesman pivots around his confident and spacious songs, which leave room for relations between Ron Eoff's montanic basslines and Robert Crawford who drums tight in secondline trouble clef. TJ Larkin earns the ornithological first syllable in his surname with fingers perched on nimble frets. And Steve croons at a pace with his own unhurried, yet sure, guitar.


10 pm::Hans Chew (NYC)
Hans Chew is an amazing boogiewoogie piano player and has played with some of the greatest contemporary roots and psychedelic bands ranging from the late, great Jack Rose to D Charles Speer & The Helix; Hiss Golden Messenger; Endless Boogie; and Steve Gunn. Chew is also a great songwriter and is joined by an allstar group featuring Ryan Jewell, the contemporary psychedelic underground's answer to Jim Keltner and drummer with Ryley Walker; Jason Meagher of Steve Gunn, No-Neck Blues Band and Black Dirt Studio renown; and the understated and masterful guitar playing of filmmaker David Cavallo.

11 pm::Montgomery-Jewell
Ryan Jewell and JayVe Montgomery free improvisation on drums and reed instruments makes its world premiere in Nashville!

11:30::Cherry Blossoms

John Allingham and Peggy Snow's longrunning songwriting and social music band.

8 pm

$10-$15 sliding scale admission


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