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FMRL: Isasa (Spain)/Magic Tuber Stringband/The Cherry Blossoms

FMRL: Isasa (Spain)/Magic Tuber Stringband/The Cherry Blossoms

Aug 27, 7:00pm - Aug 27, 10:00pm

Proper Saké628 Ewing AvenueNashville, TN37203 Map

:: Isasa (Madrid, Spain)

"Isasa is a guitarist and composer based in Madrid. He has been an active member of the city’s underground music scene since the early 90’s. He has performed all over Spain as a solo artist as well as a former member of Spanish cult band A Room with a View (1997-2003).
Strongly inspired by the American primitive guitarists, such as John Fahey, Glenn Jones and Jack Rose."

:: Magic Tuber Stringband

Courtney Werner - fiddle
Evan Morgan - guitar, banjo, lap guitar

:: The Cherry Blossoms

John Allingham and Peggy Snow's longrunning folk band.

6:30 pm doors; 7 pm music

$10-$15 sliding scale admission
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FMRL: LEYA/Crave On/H.R. Lexy

FMRL: LEYA/Crave On/H.R. Lexy

Aug 30, 7:00pm - Aug 30, 10:00pm

Proper Saké628 Ewing AvenueNashville, TN37203 Map


"LEYA aims to deconstruct the traditional connotations of the harp and violin by luxuriating in the deviant juxtaposition of ugliness vs. beauty. These two stringed instruments are most commonly associated with classical beauty, but by altering their sound through unorthodox tunings, extended techniques, amplification, and effects, harpist Marilu Donovan and violinist Adam Markiewicz are able to mine the depths of their darker, more unsettling capacities. The tuning system created for Donovan’s harp is specific to the project, and was discovered by chance. Rather than being driven by scientific or conceptual intentions, this tuning is chosen based on it’s sound alone, giving LEYA a defined identity that embraces human instinct and imperfection.

The duo achieves a deeper contrast by seeking to write pop songs with simple, transparent forms. The song structures are left open and sparse in the spirit of creating clear and simple sonic terrain that is meant to grab the listener emotionally, rather than forcing them to analyze the material. The staccato harp pluckings are complemented by long, sustained notes and chords from the violin, creating a dynamic foundation of strings for the vocals to fill in the cracks and crevices. In this sense, the dual vocals are used almost as a textural element or third instrument, where the way the words actually sound takes precedence over the lyrical content. The slow, drawn-out compositional pace of these songs brings them closer to “ambient” territory, enhancing the evocative qualities of the instruments while floating carefully between eerie dissonance and the angelic higher stratospheres of transcendent beauty."

::Crave On

heady band playing rock n roll music

::H.R. Lexy

"HR Lexy is an electronic performance group based in Nashville, TN. The group's sound has been described as haunting electronic pop. HR Lexy lyrically explores the pull between dark and light, humanity's relationship with nature, and spiritual awareness with synth soundscapes, crisp drum beats, and ethereal dream-like vocals. HR Lexy incorporates carefully coordinated lights theatrics and performance art into their live set."

6:30 pm doors; 7 pm music

$10-$15 sliding scale admission
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FMRL: Simon Joyner/Cassie Berman/Nick Woods

FMRL: Simon Joyner/Cassie Berman/Nick Woods

Sep 6, 9:00pm - Sep 7, 1:00am

Soft Junk919 Gallatin Ave, # 14Nashville, TN37206 Map

::Simon Joyner

"Simon Joyner is among America’s best songwriters, so says Gillian Welch, Conor Oberst, Kevin Morby, and others. With his new double LP, Step Into The Earthquake, the songwriter strikes for the personal while acknowledging that the times they are a-changin’ around us again. In fact, things are leaning shitty right now, and the characters in Joyner’s songs experience the dissolution of comfort amid anxious concerns regarding our turbulent times. Some of this is addressed directly in his most overtly political songs since his Room Temperature days, but it's primarily the way the characters behave and the near fatalism they confront in their daily lives. We all feel it, and natural disasters aside, avoiding acknowledgement of earthquakes emanating within can cause the most damage.

Joyner traverses the human predicament, in general, and the American psyche specifically, using fiction to tell difficult truths. Characters struggle through personal crises while absorbing America's currently failing experiment. “Galveston” details a couple's doomed trip to visit a loved one dying in a hospital. “Illuminations” and “Annie’s Blues” explore the difficult relationships between parents and their adult children. “I’m Feeling It Today” slowly expands from an individual level in the first verse, through a couple’s relationship problems in the second, to the systems of oppression in the third, ending with the whole country’s state of being as the song concludes, taking place on election night from an Omaha bar. The epic last song on the album, "I Dreamed I Saw Lou Reed Last Night," takes up the whole fourth side and it's part dream, part invocation. Both Lou Reed and Woody Guthrie are channeled so that Joyner may follow their lead, holding a final mirror up to America as the album concludes. At the heart of this song cycle is the desire to connect in a time of upheaval.

To record, Joyner’s band, the Ghosts, holed up with longtime collaborator, Michael Krassner (Boxhead Ensemble), in Omaha's ARC Studio, developing songs from skeletal foundations (captured on the limited edition The Phoenix Demos) to full-on group efforts. Hence, each

compositions’ power comes equally from the lyrics working in tandem with the subtle arrangements.

Joyner’s vision may be dark but it stops short of nihilism. Where do we go from here? The best move towards answering that question is knowing where we stand right now. Joyner's expansive album offers a poet’s truthful view, however disconcerting, that to survive whatever is coming for us, we have to confront and understand it first. So, go ahead and step into the earthquake."

::Cassie Berman

Gifted singer-songwriter and guitarist exploring a new role reprising her country songwriting roots after many years as the bassist grounding iconic bands like Papa M and Silver Jews.

::Nick Woods

"singer-songwriter from the commonwealth of Virginia, working in Nashville. cine-songs, breakfast for dinner music, bridge and tunnel tunes, free clinic compositions and grilled cheese balladry; for and by ham & eggers, strap-hangers, professional hobbyists, lobbyists, pipe-dream-fitters, codependents, co-defendants, drama kids, trauma kids, West Texas roughnecks and irritating artsy-types."

9 pm

$10-$15 sliding scale admission
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FMRL: Sunwatchers/Duet for Theremin & Lap Steel/Josh Halper

FMRL: Sunwatchers/Duet for Theremin & Lap Steel/Josh Halper

Sep 7, 7:00pm - Sep 7, 10:00pm

Proper Saké628 Ewing AvenueNashville, TN37203 Map

::Sunwatchers (NYC)

"Sunwatchers drew a line in the sand with their last album “II”, a powerful statement of the band’s unique brand of spiritual, free-rock, gonzo attitude and a progressive socio-political worldview."

::Duet for Theremin & Lap Steel (ATL)

"Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel is Scott Burland (Theremin) and Frank Schultz (Lap Steel) and are based in Atlanta Georgia. All performances are improvised."

::Josh Halper

6:30 pm doors; 7 pm start

$10-$15 sliding scale admission
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FMRL: Simply Saucer/Supermelt/Safety Net/Sax Trio HMW

FMRL: Simply Saucer/Supermelt/Safety Net/Sax Trio HMW

Sep 29, 8:00pm - Sep 29, 11:30pm

Little Harpeth Brewing30 Oldham StNashville, TN37213 Map

::Simply Saucer

“ Simply Saucer are a divine mix of early Pink Floyd (with Syd Barrett still mercifully intact) and The Velvet Underground (when Andy Warhol was at the helm and urging them towards the Exploding Plastic Inevitable). They are all this and more; a Suicide with a lust for life; a Silver Apples that are running with electronic juice! Sheer, ecstatic, underground bliss.”
— Edwin Pouncey, New Musical Express (London)


::Safety Net
Spodee Boy bootlegged lethargy drink stumbles into Neu!/Wire life accelerants.

::Sax Trio HMW
Randy Hunt, bass
JayVe Montgomery, sax
John Westberry, drums

7 pm doors; 8 pm music

$12 advance; $15 at door
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