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Monday, October 2nd, 2017 at 9:00pm
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::X_X (X Blank X) (Cleveland, OH)

"The name X_______X was designed to be mutable—a pictogram—to mean whatever one wanted at any given moment. Mutations included Ex Blank Ex, X Charlie Manson and the Family X, and for their archival vinyl album release in 2014, X The Rolling Stones X. It is Morton's Dada-esque tendencies that lie behind the decision to name the band something that is so malleable and, therefore, so difficult to search for on the internet. "This artistic antagonism, inspired by an affinity for the Dadaist movement, has been at the heart of Mr. Morton's work — both as a musician and a visual artist — for the better part of four decades.".

X_______X flashed like a supernova in the turbulent rock scene of the late seventies, lasting only six months in their original incarnation. The band was formed at Morton's 25th birthday party. Morton, knowing he would be shortly moving to NYC said, "Hey! Let's form a band that last six months!" Attendees, Jim Ellis and Andrew Klimeyk were recruited on the spot. The first infusion included Mirror's drummer Michael J. Weldon and electric eels singer Dave E. McManus. After Dave and Michael quit, Anton (who suggested to name the band "Golden Palominos"—a name that was summarily rejected by Morton) was conscripted and Morton took over on vocals: "It made me a better musician to sing and play guitar at the same time . . . I couldn't be looking at my fingers all the time. I had to look at the mic!"

In its short 6-month career the band played out 4 times and, in this brief lifespan, provided Cleveland with "a smart and muscular take on no wave" and recorded two 45s released on Drome Records. A fake band photo with no actual members (including Morton's wife at the time, Michele Zalopany) was also circulated and appeared on the back of one of the band's two Drome Records singles.

The lineup for this tour consists of Morton (vocals/guitar) and Klemyk (vocals/guitar) joined by Craig Bell (bass) and Weasel Walter (percussion).

::Id M Theft Able (Maine)

Vocalese and glossolalia haven't had it so good since Marie Osmond sang Hugo Ball's poems. Id M Theft Able is a deft, creative and playful musician influenced by dada, fluxus and other found-art/sound-art/fun-art movements.

:::Harvest Team

'Kosmiche latex batwing shine'

::Secret Friends

live sound collage; ur secret friends r n ur head

::Satan Pubes

9 pm
$7-$10 sliding scale admission


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